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The Les Salines Beaches

Martinique has the most beautiful beaches in the world. From white to black, to red to golden beaches, Martinique has it all. When coming to Martinique, you have to visit at least a few different ones. You won't be disappointed.


Today we are taking you on a journey to the Les Salines Beaches. We all know these beaches from the movies, right? Long golden beaches, beautiful azure water, and the tropical forest right next to the beach? Well, Les Salines is exactly that! The beaches themselves have a length of more than one kilometer. Along the beaches are beautiful rocks and tracking roads, for those who love being active a bit more than sunbathing.

The Les Salines Beaches consist out of three different smaller sites: the Grande Anse des Salines, the largest and best-known part, the Petite Anse des Salines to the west, and finally the Grande Terre des Salines to the east. The beaches are situated about five kilometers from the town Saint-Anne and are easy to reach with a car. The Salines beaches are very popular with locals and tourists alike. According to a road count, this site receives nearly 2 million visitors per year.

Although the beaches are very popular, you will feel as if being on a deserted island. Tropical forest, beaches and the sea. Just heavenly!

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